Overall happy about the hotel in terms of reception,room and breakfast. The staff were very courteous and helpful. Breakfast spread was well organised and food tasty. Liked the one day and Silk Cruise tours. Suggest larger outside signboard for hotel to make it more visible.


Visiting for a short tourist trip and some business. Not the fanciest hotel out there, but in good condition with a great breakfast and good service, especially for the price.

Its a bit further from the middle of town, but we still found it convenient to get around by tuk tuk to most of the places we were trying to…


This little hotel had everything we needed for our five day trip while visiting our daughter in P.P. Attractive room , decent breakfast, nice staff, very good location near the Russian Market – while the swimming pool looked lovely its not really our thing to swim next to the foyer entrance – however that is a personal opinion!

The only reason we didn’t give it 5 was that the housekeeping neglected us completely for 2 days until my husband went and complained – it should be automatic to get daily cleaning. Otherwise, highly recommended.


My husband and I stayed for two days during Christmas. We were greeted in English and given a welcome drink. We were early and were able to leave our luggage for the short time it took for housekeeping to ready our room. We were upgraded to a suite and allowed to check in early. Our room was large and nicely appointed. Awesome tub which I thoroughly enjoyed. The bed was so very comfy. We also enjoyed the pool area. Very relaxing with nice clean pool towels and a small Jacuzzi area that the pool guy will turn on for you.

On the down side the fridge just does cool drinks and the hot food on the breakfast buffet was not hot when we were there but they did cover the food and light the burners after we got our food. Just bad timing for us. All in all a nice stay. They had everything we wanted in a hotel.


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Highly recommended for any nature fan!

Buzz Aldrin

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